How to order Shabbat in Mykonos?

You prepare your vacation in Mykonos and everything is already booked, the plane ticket, the hotel or airbnb, the activities on site etc.. All you have to do is order your Shabbat to be sure to enjoy your vacation. Kosher Mykonos has thought of you, we have thought of everything to allow you to spend a dream Shabbat in Mykonos. All our products are certified Kosher and rigorously selected to offer you the highest quality. Summer vacations are precious and that's why we have decided to select exceptional kosher products. Kosher Mykonos makes it easy for you to kosher in Mykonos by offering you quick and easy access to all our catering, grocery and wine products. Once you place your order you can enjoy your vacation, we deliver everything you need directly to your hotel or villa. We also organize delivery times to suit your needs.

How can I place my order on Kosher Mykonos ?  

Choose the products that you want and place your order on our website, or on WhatsApp. Before placing your order send us a message on WhatsApp with all the informations as your localisation (live localisation) or hotel adresse, name etc.

How can I pay my order on Kosher Mykonos ? 

You can pay your order online, our website is secured and we are using strip as a payment provider. We accept most of the credit cards. You can also pay your order on delivery with cash. We do not have a payment terminal. If you're placing a large order we might ask you for a deposit.

Delivery for Shabbat in Mykonos 

Sometimes the trafic can be crazy in Mykonos, so we are offering you the easiest and safest option to get your shabbat order directly delivered to your hotel or villa. Send us your localisation on WhatsApp and we will arrange you the best delivery option. We start delivering the Shabbat Food in Mykonos from Thursday till Friday 3Hours before Shabbat time. Schedule your delivery in advance to have the best delivery option. 

You are in a Hotel :  Send us all the necessary informations about the hotel, your name and room number. We will deliver your package directly to your hotel, you don't even need to be present! You can enjoy your day at the pool and your shabbat will be waiting for you at the reception desk. The food as to be kept in the fridge. Make sure that the hotel had enough storage in their cold room/fridge to store your package. 

You are in a Villa : Send us the localisation of the villa on WhatsApp. We are going to find the best delivery schedule for you. We are making the deliveries till late in the Thursday night.

Delivery Hours :  We are working from Saturday evening till Friday 3h before shabbat time in Mykonos. From 9 in the morning till late in the evening. We are doing are best to make your delivery as easy and fast as possible. 

Pickup your Shabbat in Mykonos : If you have a car, you might prefer to pick up your order directly from our Warehouse. It's an easy and free option. Place your order and we will send you our warehouse localisation on WhatsApp. You order is generally ready to pick up in the next 2hours after checking out. For the last minutes shabbat orders it's the best option. 

Do you have a Kosher Shop in Mykonos ?  Our kosher mini shop is opening in June 2022. The shop is small but there is enough to feed all our kosher community. It's more like a pickup point. Our storage is downstair the shop so the best is to order online and then you can come to the shop to collect your package and shop some extra food. 

Can I change my shabbat order? If you have more friends or family coming over and you want to add more products it's still possible. Please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to satisfy your request. Note that some of the shabbat dishes are available in limited quantity and might not be available for a last minute adding. We will do our best to propose you a replacement product. 

 I want to organize a kosher event in Mykonos. If you want to organize an event and you need a large quantity of product please let us know ahead of time. Everything is possible as soon as we know it in advance.