Delivery Kosher Mykonos


Due to the increase in the price of the gazoline in Mykonos Island, we are not able to provide free delivery anymore. 

The Deliveries fees are appro 25€ according to your localisation and schedule  

We deliver everywhere in Mykonos Island, if you are in a Hotel, a villa or at friends place.

You stay at the Hotel :

Give us all the informations about you, name, room number etc. You can pay online and we can leave your order at the reception desk so can enjoy your day and when you'll back to the hotel you will find your order ready.

You stay at the Villa :

We will give you an approximately delivery time, we will stay in touch during all the process so you'll be informed when the driver is on the way for your villa and at what time he will arrive.

Important information :

Keep in mind that there is no big roads in Mykonos and sometimes during the summer the trafic can be high so it's not easy for us to give an exact delivery time but we are doing our best to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Safety information :

If you order food it can be sensitive, so we deliver with a cold truck, we also put some cold pack gel inside the carton. When you receive your carton you have to put all the sensitive products (salads, hummus etc) in the fridge.

If you are in a hotel, you can ask them if they have a cold room (most of the hotels have a cold room) to keep your food in the perfect condition.