Kosher in Greece

Kosher in Greece

Sometimes it's a little bit challenging to travel when you want to keep it kosher. Greece is a beautiful destination with many islands and a lot of things to see and to visit. Kosher Mykonos is here to provide you all the kosher food and drinks that you might need during your stay in Greece. 

How can I order Kosher products in Greece?

Kosher Mykonos is born and based in Mykonos Island Greece. We are an online shop and we deliver all the kosher food and wine to the villas and hotels in Mykonos Island. If you are looking for kosher in another island than Mykonos is still possible for us to arrange you a delivery. Please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your request. 


I want to order Kosher Wine in Greece

We have the most beautiful selection of kosher wines in Greece. We choose only the best bottles of wine and champagne to make your holidays in Greece unforggatable. If you are in Athens or another location in Greece we can organise a special delivery for you.